How It Works

The process of medical travel

If we decide to get medical treatment abroad, it can raise lots of quires, like ‘How to find the right hospital/ specialist for me?’ and ‘ How to get the best price?’ The preparation procedure itself raises some other apprehensions like finding a right person to whom you discuss about your case, how to plan medical treatment process and whether it is cost effective for you as per your budget. Last but not least, properly evaluating received information.

At Healthy Care Reform in Germany, we have vast experience of handling international patient. We discuss and thoroughly analyze your medical condition and prerequisite before beginning best arrangements for you. We make it sure that your treatment complete comfortably and smoothly in the best possible manner. This also provides us expected time span of your stay in Germany as well as accurate estimation of cost associated with your stay.

Inexpensive, top-quality expediency

We have a close partnership with leading German hospitals that enables us to help you to get access to top-quality yet reasonable medical care in Germany. A team of veteran case managers will be there to guide you through the process, that how the initial process will run; and how the actual treatment will work. We also provide services to make your travel preparation, choosing appropriate doctors, translation services for your convenience and much more. The whole process is as easy as you receive medical treatment in your home town, nevertheless, top-quality German healthcare are added to them.

High-quality German medical care and pro service for international patients is our utmost priority at Healthy Care Reform in Germany. We consider it as our duty to guide you through each and every step of medical treatment here in order to make the whole process is simple and convenient for you. The members of the Healthy Care Reform in Germany team will be in close contact with you in each and every step of the process. Feel free to contact us for more information about our approach that how we help people to get access to excellent German medical care.


Case assessment:

At the very beginning, we do a case assessment that is the first step towards a successful treatment in Germany. It starts when you contact us by phone or in any other way. We provide call back service, chat and/or email as per your convenience.

Simply tell us what you are looking for, what diagnosis you have received earlier along with all details for a better assessment or download here the form that will help you to explain your case.

We usually respond within 24 hours.

In the contact phase, initially we assess your medical condition; find out your expectations, need and priorities. This leads towards first step of planning.

After this, we move on to the next step: getting a quote for your medical treatment in Germany.

P.S: After filling out the form, please, click here to upload it and send it to us. You can also upload any necessary document you think can help us understand your case.

Get a quote:

Based on the information that you provide us, we prepare an initial quote and advise an appropriate hospital and medical specialists. However, the lead-time depends on the nature of your case. For more complex health cases, we require as much as detail to review.

At this stage, we assigned a committed case manager to you personally to lead you through the whole process from now onward.

The case manager continually keeps you informed about each step of the process, hence ensure you to make correct decisions about your tour and the required medical treatment.

After your approval of the quote, we proceed to review your medical history.

Medical review:

This phase includes the process of collecting information in your local language regarding you diagnosis and medical history, radiology imaging, treatment advice from your local doctor (if applicable), and other relevant information with your help. After reviewing theses information, our medical expert will accelerate you to the next phase.

At this phase, we will suggest a complete treatment plan for you and if you approve it, we will process it within 24 hours.

Confidentiality is our core responsibility; hence, all your data will remain confidential

After your acceptance of the treatment plan, your travel plan will be discussed.

Travel planning:

The successful medical review phase leads us towards evaluation of your travel planning. We make estimation of travel cost and provide you with a quote of the full package. The total cost of the tour includes travel and accommodation charges for you and any family members, cure, treatment and any additional trip to Germany etc.

Usually this quote is much similar to the initial quote you received unless the medical review has discovered something unpredicted.

Once you give us the green signal, we will accelerate your full plan and forward you fulfilled, detailed travel schedule as soon as possible. If you like, you can make your own travel preparations too. Nevertheless, in that case, we advise you to check for flexible booking options.

Now your travel plan is ready and you can visit Germany to get medical treatment.


Medical treatment:

After your arrival in Germany, a team from Healthy Care Reform in Germany will be in close contact with you. Your stay will remain in your hotel most of the time, which is arranged by you or by us.

One day before your planned treatment, you can meet with your surgeon and the anesthesiologist (if applicable), and if necessary they will conduct additional tests. Now you are ready to get your medical treatment.

We will be in constant contact with you to support and provide you information.

With the approval of your discharge by the surgeon, we will move you to one of our partner hotels so that you can recover in a peaceful environment. Even though, during your stay at the hotel, we will arrange nursing staff and surgeon to visit you for regular check up to monitor your recovery process on a daily basis.

Moreover, a representative of Healthy Care Reform in Germany will be available for you in need at any time, in 24 hours to answer any query.

You are now ready to enter into After Care phase.

After care:


After care phase includes two aspects: During your stay in Germany and after you return to your home land.

During your stay in Germany

This plan is designed based on the medical treatment you have gotten. During the recovery process, you may have the advantage of visiting to physical therapy centers in Germany. We would like to plan this according to your medical treatment and preferences.

After returning to your homeland:

Although, it is not likely to develop any complications after returning to your home, however, at Healthy Care Reform in Germany we are already prepared for any unexpected complaint. Therefore,if you encounter with a mild complications, we will suggest our locally evaluated and approved surgeon for your treatment.

In case of severe complications (which is very unlikely), we will make arrangement for your treatment either in your country or back in Germany, if you are able to travel. In the event of mild complications, we will recommend a surgeon in your area. This surgeon has been interviewed by us and deemed to be supportive of your medical travel.

Cost and Quality:

We help our patients out at Healthy Care Reform in Germany, to reach to the top-quality but cost-effective hospitals when they are looking for the best options for medical treatment in Germany.

Travelling abroad for medical treatment is a serious issue that needs careful .Although, some patients are rightly criticizing costs of medical treatment in Germany yet, mostly the price depends on the nature and quality of treatment that require and expect.

‘Quality’ refers to as the level of quality of the medical treatment that you receive, how is your experience of staying in the hospital, and quality of services you received – from the very beginning of your arrival at the hospital and the day you return to your home, and after that. However, the quality of medical treatment received is beyond question.

Costs refer to as the medical care and aftercare services you receive and accommodation costs you spent, flight costs etc. One important question raised by many patients that if we are a hospital (Answer: No, for sure) and why wouldn’t they contact directly with hospitals.

Learn more about hospitals and Health Care Reform.

Nonetheless, many patients like to choose the best quality and cost effective medical care services in Germany.

Medical treatment costs:

Saying about the quality of medical treatment is beyond question. It is true that there are lots of types of costs involves in travelling for medical treatment. However, for most of the patients, a top quality/cost effective service is a key point for choosing to get medical care in Germany.

Almost all hospitals in Germany are restricted by law that they should follow DRG (‘Diagnosis-Related Groups’) pricing system to set their prices for hospital services and medical process depending on the type of medical condition Since January 1, 2004.

There are some hospitals that mislead international patients, however, on the contrary, the relevant German law (SGB 5) obviously describes that some official price regulations apply to all patients regardless of their status, whether they are native or foreigners, and get insured through the German healthcare system or come from abroad. Therefore, they must have to pay for their medical treatment. The DRG catalogue also documents a legal basis for the assessment of hospital bills and cost estimation.

The DRG catalogue also mentioned average figures of duration-of-stay for each process that can also be used to calculate costs of another part of the medical travel. In the most of the hospitals, the cost of stay is calculated on the basis of three beds per room. Patients who prefer to stay alone in a room or with just one more bed need to pay additional price depends on the services provided by each hospital individually.

Although the accurate DRG price can be fixed only after the completion of medical treatment in the hospital, yet at Healthy Care Reform in Germany we have determined pinpoint cost calculated for about 150 DRG treatments within different categories that includes, but not exclude eye diseases, digestive organs and respiratory organs etc. We can provide quotes for other similar treatments on demand.

We must make it clear here that the cost evaluations that we provide are not strictly the same; there can be a significant difference at the end depending on the quality of your chosen treatment and accommodation.

Reduced costs for international patients

As a foreign patient, you will be categorized as a ‘private patient’ as you are liable to pay your healthcare bills from your own. The chairperson of each clinical department involved in the diagnostic and treatment procedure of any “Private patient” , only can allow such patients to get treatment from their department. An additional cost for these physicians will be added to the total bill of the hospital treatment based on the DRGs. At the very initial stage, it can be difficult to calculate these additional fees; however, they can vary from 50% to 100% of the hospital charges. However, foreign patients are not bound to get some special or personal treatment at other hospitals. If you choose to get a treatment from the medical staff of the hospital; you will still be provided by highly qualified senior specialists without paying them additional fees. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the overall cost substantially for your medical treatment.

Germany in an international perception

On an international level, Germany is neither a cheapest country, nor much expensive to visit for medical treatment. There are many countries that offer low prices, like India, but quality over price is yet another aspect and on that perspective, Germany is on the top. Being the first –world country, Germany offers a secure health care travel with a superior medical treatment system provides medical treatment at very reasonable costs. For example, the USA patients are even able to save up to 50% or more.

Besides, accommodation cost in Germany is relatively low as compared to Western European countries and other international equivalent due to high standard of living. A 2012 survey by Mercer LLC for comparing the cost of accommodation worldwide show that almost all German cities do not rank among the top 50 most expensive cities of the World. Similarly, the highly developed German infrastructure and the most advanced transportation and communication technology in the world ensures low cost of travel. Learn more here about German infrastructure in the Encyclopedia of the Nations.

Working with Healthy Care Reform versus hospitals directly

Healthy Care Reform in Germany is a rare option to get high-quality medical expertise at very reasonable terms. As the patient’s representative, we will manage all essential arrangements to avoid obstacles like waiting times, surprises, additional costs and unnecessary stay in Germany. Healthy Care Reform is a result oriented team that has already proven its worth towards its patients and hospitals.

Advantages of Healthy Care Reform

Healthy Care Reform has helped hundreds of patients since years. It can provide you detailed findings regarding the market prices for medical care in Germany. Our patients took advantage from our network in Germany and lower costs without compromising on the quality and service. Healthy Care Reform avoids to overcharge its valued patients.

Our multilingual team has vast experience of dealing with international patients and referring them to a suitable hospital as per their medical conditions. Most of specialized doctors for the various medical treatments cannot be found in one hospital. A hospital prefers to specialize in specific fields. It is only us who can help you to choose the right hospital for you specific medical need.

Due to our skill, expertise and professional manner of working and case management skill, Hospitals like to work with us. Similarly, dealing with any hospital directly is not as easy as it seems. Healthy Care Reform works with the leading hospitals as an independent international partner. This also enables most of hospitals to serve international patients, which compensate the patients. Healthy Care Reform’s strongest and strategic partner in Germany is the Asklepios hospital group which has over 150 hospitals and clinics throughout the country. However, Healthy Care Reform in Germany does not work only with Asklepios, but, it works with almost every hospital and clinic in Germany.

Sometimes a patient need medical care in various hospitals and we are there to help such patients and able to manage the treatment plan at any moment.

Healthy Care Reform has earned a very good repute with the German authorities that provide help in the entire logistics procedure, including visa applications. Healthy Care Reform appointed a case manager to accompany its patients during their stay in hospital. The case manager communicates with them in their own language and also provides them translation facility as needed, hence avoiding extra charges.

Quality of Hospitals and medical care

‘Quality’ refers to as the level of quality of the medical treatment that you receive, how is your experience of staying in the hospital, and quality of services you received – from the very beginning of your arrival at the hospital and the day you return to your home, and after that.

Risk in medical treatment is applicable anywhere in the world no matter which country you belong to. Germany is, however, famous for its excellent professional standards in medical field with its highly qualified doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical equipments, healthcare facilities, medicines and pharmaceuticals as well as managerial aspects. By deciding to receive high-quality medical treatment in Germany, you are reducing the risks associated with typical medical treatments.

Checking with a medical professional, the quality level of doctors and hospitals plays a key role in the quality of your overall medical treatment. German hospitals provided an integrative review and treatment for its patients generally. In other words, several expert level doctors – will be there to look after you if needed, with one physician who is supervising the entire treatment procedure. Integrative cooperation is a key strength in most of the hospitals of the country.

The partner hospitals with the Healthy Care Reform in Germany have a clear vision about quality and services.Most of them are KTQ-certified (Kooperation für Transparanz und Qualität im Gesundheitswesen / ‘Cooperation for Transparency and Quality in Healthcare’). You can ask for a statistical data and quality scores about different medical treatments in Germany.